16 February 2009

a rat jumping from a sinking ship 02.16

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09 February 2009

long night 02.07

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the roof of a building 02.08

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07 February 2009


Feeling a pretty nice mixture of guilt and guilt and crazy. Agh fuck fuck fuck. Good ol' life!

I was outside screaming obscenities a bit ago. Kind of wanted people to look at me like I was crazy, but there wasn't anyone around.

Also, I'm probably not doing that photo-a-day thing every day. It becomes a chore. And that isn't really what I was aiming for. Sorry.

Beowulf is a shitty movie.

02 February 2009


placeholder placeholder placeholder

01 February 2009


Thank you.

You make me bashful
and optimistic:
Estranged sentiments
thought to be long lost.
Thank you.
I feel so nervous,
flustered, shy, cautious.
I haven't known these
feelings for so long.
Thank you.
I cannot describe
how very gracious,
or how terrified,
I am and shall be.
Thank you.
But please always know
that you, as you are,
both features and faults,
brought me to your door.
Thank you.