28 December 2009

It is 6am

I am in a car. On my iPhone. Kathleen is driving. We are going to Detroit. The sun has not yet risen. The passenger-side windshield wiper does not work.

I was pretty excited about this trip, because Detroit is basically the land of milk and honey when it comes to abandoned structures and urban exploration and whatnot. However, we ended up being on a really tight schedule, so I'll only really have an hour, maybe two, to gallavant about the city. I guess I'll just try to find some plight to photograph with my BRAND NEW POLARIZED LENS FILTER (thanks for the Best Buy gift cards, extended famy)!

I used some of my Christmas money to buy art supplies yesterday. There was this cool clayboard thing, and I loved it so much that I made a painting! Can't really show you now because of the whole being-in-a-car situation, but I'll try to soon if I don't end up hating it. Jess said it looks like a cat puke cyclone. I'm sort of inclined to agree.

Speaking of darling Jessica, she visited yesterday and drew me pictures with my BRAND NEW PRISMACOLOR MARKERS (thanks parents)!

That is a robot!

That's me and Oreo, the only woman I will ever love.

iPhones are so cool. I'm blogging at 65mph in a snowstorm. Kathleen is driving though. It would be cooler if I were.

So speaking of my prismacolors, the goldenrod one is completely devoid of ink. Not so sure what to do about that. Maybe return them? Dunno.

Well, that's about all I have to say. Kathleen is yelling "Blog!" at me because I apparently I don't do it enough. Also, I got a 3.0 GPA this semester. And I'm taking a printmaking and a glassblowing class next semester, and you should be jealous.

Adam Colas, sorry I didn't tell you I'm going to Detroit. I really wanted to see you but we are in a hurry :-/

See ya, kids!

02 December 2009

If I go on a killing spree, this is why

Wow! I haven't posted in a long time. Where has the year gone? Only 18 shopping days until the winter solstice! I realllyyyy hope someone gets me a virgin to sacrifice! Last year I only had a second-rate sickly goat, and my crops didn't prosper. :-(

So anyways, I finished a portfolio tonight for my 2D Composition class, and I'm totally in love with it. It's a pattern thingamajig. The motif is taken from some art noveau book. It's hair. My teacher thought it was basket-weaving. I'm really proud of this. It's due tomorrow (technically today), so wish me luck!

Part the First (gel pen on vellum):

Part the Second (enamel on acetate):

Part the Second (layered paper, acetate, my sanity):

So, uh, that's that! Took forever, but I'm glad I did it.

Currently I am watching Bruno. It is a wonderful movie. Also, it's Jess's birthday! Happy birthday, Jess!