11 September 2009

I, Operation Khaki, hereby decree:

My name is Sebastian. Today, I ate: hommus, cookies and milk, a delicious wonderful salsbury steak from Stoffer's. Ya know why? Because I'm a freakin' college student! I'm also drinking vitamin water. And my TV dinner looks completely, completely disgusting. 

Today, things I thought about were: the quizzes I took on facebook, Hayley on Skype (far away), drawing for my classes, how much fun it would be to get drunk for Thursty Thirsday, and whether or not I am able to love (because of the quiz on facebook that is a funny joke). 

Speaking of funny jokes...

Q: Why did my woman from Tokyo get stuck in my head earlier?*

Today's contest: Identify That Passage!
Can you identify the passage from this random book I have on my bookshelf at college (even though my room is not large enough to house anything that isn't necessary for my own survival)? 

" ' I look after everything myself,' she told Peter *****, shifting the albums that lay on the table; and noticing that the table was endangered by his cigarette-ash, she immediately passed him an ashtray, saying as she did so: 'I consider it an affection to say that grief prevents my attending to practical affairs.' " **

The best part of my day today was spraying the Febreze spray, Brazilian Carnival, all over the room for like an hour.
The worst part of my day today was waking up, because last night I probably sprayed just as much Febreze spray as I did just now; so when I woke up, I was probably not getting enough oxygen.

*Comment with a good punch line, and you could win free prizes!
** Also, prizes are offered to anyone who can make a good mad lib out of this so it might become less boring. (Um... no offense!)

A good day for eating! Aren't I (Sebastian) a good person?

07 September 2009

Things I Ate Today

Um, I ate some breadoniongarlic onions, and a vanilla silk for breakfast. And then I went home, and I had some frozen pasta carbonara that my mom made for me. Then I came back to school and I ate like four million veggie burgers, but that didn't fill me up at all so I went to Rosie's to get food and the creepy guy was there. Blah blah blah blah... cookies and milk. I ate something really gross with meat and cheese. Then I ate a pickle. Not a crazy pickle, but a spear. After that, I smoked crack from a hookah and had a cup of tea in the Verder laundry room. I had a piece of Reece's bar, but I hated it. And I drank more Silk, with pickle Pringles. They're the only Pringles I actually like, I guess now.

Cody Wallis is my totes new biff and I'm pretty tired because it's five in the morning. We were supposed to watch Little Miss Sunshine about five hours ago, but instead Jess is updating my blog because she's sooo cool. Did you know that her blog is called Things I Ate Today? Subscribe to it, I decree. A good day for eating!

(Edit: Jess is here)