07 September 2009

Things I Ate Today

Um, I ate some breadoniongarlic onions, and a vanilla silk for breakfast. And then I went home, and I had some frozen pasta carbonara that my mom made for me. Then I came back to school and I ate like four million veggie burgers, but that didn't fill me up at all so I went to Rosie's to get food and the creepy guy was there. Blah blah blah blah... cookies and milk. I ate something really gross with meat and cheese. Then I ate a pickle. Not a crazy pickle, but a spear. After that, I smoked crack from a hookah and had a cup of tea in the Verder laundry room. I had a piece of Reece's bar, but I hated it. And I drank more Silk, with pickle Pringles. They're the only Pringles I actually like, I guess now.

Cody Wallis is my totes new biff and I'm pretty tired because it's five in the morning. We were supposed to watch Little Miss Sunshine about five hours ago, but instead Jess is updating my blog because she's sooo cool. Did you know that her blog is called Things I Ate Today? Subscribe to it, I decree. A good day for eating!

(Edit: Jess is here)


  1. I missed your blog...even though Jess wrote this one…

  2. I know Cody Wallis, I think we were in elementary school together! Woooo!

    I love Jess!
    I ate the tempura I made last night today. And an egg sandwich. Mmmmm.