26 October 2009

To Be Next...

Hey! Remember that painting I promised you? Well, I spent a good part of the weekend working on it. And it's not perfect, but for that to happen, I'd have to have spent a billion hours fine-tuning little tiny things. And, well, fuck that.

So here I am, drinking something resembling red wine that comes from a box (in excess). Jess is in the corner doing Italian homework.

In my Drawing class until now, we've been doing nothing but line drawings. My professor wanted to make damn sure that we had perspective down. Only now, what, two months into the semester, have we started doing value and shading. To get us used to the idea, she had us do this project. For the first time all semester, she gave us the option to use whatever medium we wanted. The project was to draw a still life with as little line as possible, using almost exclusively value. But we were only allowed to use two or three values -- white and black or white, grey and black.

I did this with acrylic and acryla gouache on paper. And it was sooooooo fun. Well, OK, it sort of made me want to stab myself a couple of times. But overall, I'm really happy with it. And although you don't get a GIF, I've always wanted to do a progression from beginning to end, so here we go on a magical journey! (Sorry I can't take pictures straight)

Oh by the way, I have the most gold stars in the studio at my dorm building! And whoever has the most at the end of the year gets a gift card to the art store!

Edit: P.S. I told you I'd link you guys to my tumblr! Well, it's at http://corduroydog.tumblr.com/ !!! Disclaimer: It's pretty pornographic!


  1. I'm gonna comment because you're drunk and I wanna keep up your drunk blog:comment ratio. Also what'd we say about red wine in excess?

    Also also I like that painting a lot!

  2. Next time you have some kind of crisis, I'm going to text you and ask you to comment on my blog. God.

  3. I LOVE IT!
    Also, I'm going to Rocky Horror on Thursday, and totally thought of you when I bought the tickets.
    Miss you <3

  4. That's really cool.
    I'm 4 weeks into an art course here in the UK and the other day we spent two hours on a still life of a pile of tables.
    The need for accuracy was painful!
    We are also still working in black and white.