05 July 2009


Hayley and I went to fireworks with my family last night. By "fireworks," of course, I mean that we were at a family friend's, blowing things up. This is of questionable legality.

I brought my camera somewhat reluctantly, because my remote is either out of batteries or broken. Long exposure shots, especially of fireworks, don't work too well without a remote. I didn't even bring my tripod. (Incidentally, there is a great guide to shooting fireworks here
-- never mind that I almost totally ignored it.)

Nevertheless, I was able to get a couple of decent shots, this being one of them.


(P.S. I am so very glad Hayley is back. I missed her quite a bit.)


  1. Sweet picture. Oh, and Hello.

  2. Awesome photo. Pictures like that excite my eyes. Wow, creep move. :D I enjoy your posts, even though they are quite short. Tease, tease, poke, jab, poke. I'm sensing a HayleyG.Hoover crush?